Instructions to make a pamphlet in 4D Write Pro

4D Write Pro is a capable content motor, totally programmable, and completely incorporated into 4D and its database. It has a boundless number of employments. Past producing complex archives by programming, or making letters and statements as in exemplary word processors, 4D Write Pro enables you to effortlessly distribute your records on the web.

We’ve arranged a case to demonstrate to you how you can without much of a stretch make an excellent bulletin that can be traded to HTML!


The procedure is truly basic. To start with, make a 4D Write Pro region and set the view mode to “installed” with the “Show HTML WYSIWYG” choice empowered in the Property List.

Note that a few functionalities are not bolstered with the HTML send out, just in light of the fact that there is no HTML proportional! (headers, tabs, and so forth.). This choice will ensure that what you see in 4D Write Pro will undoubtedly be what you’ll get in a web program.

When you’re happy with the ultimate result, you can send out your report with the WP EXPORT DOCUMENT summon. It’s essentially that clear! With a solitary line of code, your archive is shown in the program:

Numerous things can be accomplished utilizing 4D Write Pro, the diverse summons make making complex (yet outwardly engaging) archives a breeze!

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