New driver seek highlights. The ones you’ve been sitting tight for

Thought there will be no highlights after the 0.19 discharge? All things considered, that is not how we get things done at TaxiStartup.

While you were perusing our email about the new discharge, we’ve built up another driver look highlight. It unites all the comfort for your administrators to be completely responsible for how the cabbies do their function! Give us a chance to tell more details­čśĆ

Check the quantity of drivers per each administration write

Observe the guide underneath. It indicates you drivers as per the administration compose they have a place with. You can perceive what number of cab drivers are on the web, and what number of them are occupied or accessible. There are sticks on the guide in the areas where your cab drivers are. Convenient, isn’t that so?

Tap on the stick to see the course

It is currently conceivable to see the entire course of each request a cab driver is finishing. To see it, you tap on the stick of a driver on the guide. By doing that, you’ll get the pickup and dropoff pins appeared on the guide. Much the same as that:

In the correct piece of the guide, driver’s profile data will show up. PLYMOUTH AIRPORT TAXI It incorporates the portrayal of the course the driver is finishing, driver’s close to home information and a connection to the request points of interest. This is something we’ve presented rather than the old driver’s outline you got the opportunity to see by the stick in the past forms of the framework.

Why is this intriguing? Since in the event that you don’t know why a cab driver is in a specific territory or why they’re not moving, you can check their request status. Or then again even tail it from the earliest starting point to the end. Life’s getting to be easier­čĺ¬

Refined driver scan for ongoing requests

Need to discover a driver who’s on a ride? Don’t worry about it! Over the drivers’ rundown, you can type in the inquiry parameter to discover cabbies. There are 4 kinds of parameters:


Telephone number;


Board number.

Regardless of how tremendous your armada is, currently you can discover and take after each driver on the guide, ongoing. On the off chance that there are in excess of 100 list items suiting your request, you’ll be requested to clear up the inquiry parameters.

A touch of clarification of the stick composes. Straightforward pins remain for drivers disconnected (or, on the off chance that you’re seeking, for the drivers not coordinating the pursuit word). “Occupied” drivers are set apart on the guide with a stick with a white dab inside. A cab driver accessible for a request has a stick loaded with shading.

Could it be any more obvious? The guide is clearer than at any other time! What’s more, nope, we won’t quit conveying you new, hand highlights!

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